PyData Global CFP & NumFOCUS Project Mentored Sprints

Two quick announcements via NumFOCUS:

  1. PyData Global online conference, November 11-15. NumFOCUS is inviting all projects to consider participating in the event as a speaker. The Call for Proposals is open until August 2nd with an extended deadline of August 16. Proposals submitted by August 2nd will be given priority.

  2. Mentored Sprints for Diverse Beginners. PyData community leaders offered to organize a series of mentored sprints for NumFOCUS projects. The series will be ongoing throughout the summer and fall and will culminate at PyData Global. (See the community handbook for more information). Let me know if your project has volunteers interested in participating.

Thanks Weifeng, I applied to present two short PyData talks, one on UBI Center and another on the synthimpute package.