[Reply by Aug 22] Aggregating PSL project updates, Jul 23 to Aug 22

  • Reporting period: Jul 23 to Aug 22, 2020
  • Reply by: Aug 22, 2020 (Sat)
  • Aggregated draft to be posted here by: Aug 23, 2020 (Sun)


This is a thread to aggregate project updates for the August NumFOCUS and PSL newsletters. Please reply with developments pertinent to the projects you have worked on during the reporting period. Please include URLs where applicable.

Items to consider:

  1. New releases or features
  2. General updates
    • Recent achievements you’re most proud of
    • What are you working on? What’s coming up? Where do you need help?
    • Upcoming events
    • Job openings

Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks!

Cost-of-Capital-Calculator added additional flexibility for users simulating changes in the treatment of capital gains at death.

OG-USA has updated it’s documentation to a JupyterBook format: https://pslmodels.github.io/OG-USA/content/intro/intro.html

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A paper using Tax-Calculator and OG-USA to assess the Biden 2020 tax plan was cited by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and others.

Max Ghenis of the UBI Center presented work using Tax-Calculator at DC’s Tax Economist Forum. His talk was titled, “Poverty and inequality effects of new unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, and universal payments.”

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The Tax-Cruncher Python package is now available for installation on the PSLmodels Anaconda channel.

conda install -c pslmodels taxcrunch
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Below are the aggregated updates for NumFOCUS newsletter. The aggregated updates for PSL newsletter are in this pull request. Please reply with corrections or edits by noon on Monday, 8/24/2020.


The Policy Simulation Library (PSL) is a collection of open-source models and software for public-policy decisionmaking.

Recent releases:

  • US federal business tax policy: Cost-of-Capital-Calculator adds additional flexibility for treatment of capital gains at death.
  • US fiscal policy: OG-USA’s documentation got a makeover using Jupyter Book.
  • US unemployment insurance: UI_Calculator, a new incubating project at PSL, calculates the COVID unemployment insurance benefits under the CARES Act.

General announcements:

Upcoming events:

@weifeng.zhong, no problem if this has already posted, but I am not sure if Max’s presentation at TEF used OG-USA. It did use Tax-Calculator.

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My mistake and apologies!