[Reply by Oct 27] Aggregating PSL project updates, Sep 25 to Oct 26

  • Reporting period: Sep 25 to Oct 26, 2021
  • Reply by: Oct 26, 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Aggregated draft to be posted here by: Oct 27, 2021 (Thursday)


This is a thread to aggregate project updates for the October NumFOCUS and PSL newsletters. Please reply with developments pertinent to the projects you have worked on during the reporting period. Please include URLs where applicable.

Items to consider:

  1. New releases or features
  2. General updates
    • Recent achievements you’re most proud of
    • What are you working on? What’s coming up? Where do you need help?
    • Upcoming events
    • Job openings

Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks!


  1. Recent PSL Demo Day by James Hiebert (University of Michigan and City of Philadelphia) on using the American Community Survey with Tax-Calculator, Link
  2. Upcoming PSL Demo Day by Jason DeBacker (University of South Carolina) on the OG-Core platform
  3. Tax-Calculator used by Tax Policy Center in their work on synthetic data, Link

PolicyEngine, which is built on the PSL-cataloged openfisca-uk microsimulation model, launched in the UK. PolicyEngine is a web app that lets anyone reform the tax and benefit system and see the impact on society and their own household. It’s viewable at policyengine.org.

Below are the aggregated updates for NumFOCUS newsletter. The aggregated updates for PSL newsletter are in this pull request.

Please reply with corrections or edits by Thursday, 10/28/2021.


The Policy Simulation Library (PSL) is a collection of open-source models and software for public-policy decisionmaking.

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