Round 3: NumFOCUS Small Development Grants CFP is Open

Round 3: NumFOCUS Small Development Grants CFP is Open
Gina Helfrich
Today, 10:41 AM
Affiliated Projects;
Hello everyone,

NumFOCUS is pleased to invite proposals from its sponsored and affiliated projects for targeted small development grants three times per year. This is the third and final call for proposals for 2019.

There are no restrictions on what the funding can be used for: code development; documentation work; website updates; workshops and sprints; educational, sustainability, and diversity initiatives; or other types of projects.

Yes, you may re-submit a past grant proposal that was previously not chosen for funding. (If you need a copy of your prior proposal submission, please let me know.)

For a list of all past successful proposals, see our website:

Only one application may be submitted per project per grant funding cycle.

Available Funding:

Up to $5,000 per proposal.

Allocated funding is $25,000 per cycle


Any NumFOCUS Fiscally Sponsored or Affiliated project may submit one proposal on behalf of the project per grant cycle.

(If you wish to solicit proposal ideas from your project community, the project leaders must organize their own review process to select the proposal that the leadership will put forward to NumFOCUS.)

Proposed work must be achievable within calendar year 2019 or the first few months of 2020.

The call is open to applicants from any nationality and can be performed at any university, institute or business worldwide (US export laws permitting).

Funding Distribution:

For fiscally sponsored projects only, NumFOCUS can deposit the grant funding directly into the project’s account. The project would then submit invoices through the normal channels (i.e. Rocket) to pay the grant expenses.

NumFOCUS can set up an independent contractor agreement with an individual or company.

NumFOCUS can award the money as a grant or subcontract to a student or postdoc at a university (depending on the rules of the university).

NumFOCUS can directly pay for expenses associated with the grant (e.g. booking flights on behalf of project leaders to attend a workshop, per diems for travel days).

Round 3 Timeline:

27 Oct 2019: deadline for proposal submissions

18 Nov 2019: proposal acceptance notifications

I just received this email from Gina. Note that only one proposal may be submitted from PSL. Perhaps if there are multiple proposals from our community, the leadership council can decide which we submit to NumFOCUS.

Let’s put together a proposal to pay for compute time on Compute Studio. For $5000 we can make runs free for a year - I see having to enter CC info as a big barrier to those web apps now.

We are about to have TaxBrain, Tax Cruncher, CCC, OG-USA all on web apps, working better than ever. Making these available for the next 12 months (during the election cycle) would be huge.

Let’s put together a proposal to pay for compute time on Compute Studio. For $5000 we can make runs free for a year - I see having to enter CC info as a big barrier to those web apps now.

@jdebacker, is this currently resolved by the generous Open Source Economics Lab at the University of Chicago?

Any other ideas for small development grant proposals?

Yes - OSE Lab is paying for CCC and OG-USA runs. I see that TC and TB are also free, but not sure how those are financed. Do we want a grant to support those?

If funding for those apps is already covered, we could think about investing in expertise to change the Compute Studio infrastructure to spin up machines on demand (rather than having a fixed number of machines, which may result in queuing in some instances). What do you think about this?

Do we want a grant to support [compute for TB and TC]?

This is the direction we decided to try on last week’s PSL call. I’ll draft a proposal and post it here for everyone’s review. I’ll also see if I can get some intel from NumFOCUS ahead of time about whether this is attractive to them.

My first email to Gina Helfrich asking about the viability of this proposal returned an auto reply that she’ll be back on Oct 28th, the day after proposals are due. I’m going to give it a day or two to see if she replies back and then I’ll contact someone else at NumFOCUS.

I would very much appreciate any feedback and improvements to this draft proposal. Note that the due date is this Sunday the 27th.

Action is needed from @Peter-Metz, @hdoupe, and Anderson in the bio section.

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This proposal has been submitted. Thanks to everyone who made contributions!

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